Why You Should Work With Us

Do you ever feel stuck with your business, and you just don’t know how to maximize its growth potential? We feel you. We understand.

That’s why we’re here. We can do the dirty work for you. 

50 Pound Boson is all about driving your business growth into a whole new level. And how do you scale as fast as possible? Ecommerce, baby. 

Yes you heard us right. Let’s face it, the ecommerce industry has certainly changed the landscape of how businesses grow and scale, and we’re here to ensure your business maximizes its potential in the online space.

We consider ourselves masters of the universe of Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Shopify. Our services range from Amazon Management to Facebook/Google Advertising to Ecommerce Web Development and SEO. We even outsource professionals who bring different expertise like content development (video editing, motion graphics, articles, and blogs) as needed.

Some of our great outsource partners include:

  1. Fred Ebong Studios
  2.  Simplistic Views
  3.  SmartVAs

 So don’t get overwhelmed. Help us understand your business and we will make you look your best. Armed with over 25 years combined experience in digital strategies & planning, we balance your business goals with customer needs to create engaging customer experiences, acquire/retain customers and drive growth. We understand how crucial the customer’s experience is to the success and growth of your business. With the right strategy and planning, we will be able to make sure satisfaction is guaranteed.

What’s the best part about partnering with us?

We’re fun. We’re a little bit crazy, but we get the job done. We guarantee that you will feel at home with us. 

How does it look in a nutshell? We start with growth consulting, then start implementing fully integrated campaigns, and then we manage all ecommerce platforms. And when it comes to the compensation agreement, we are flexible because to us, we want the results to speak for themselves.

At 50 Pound Boson, we love to help good people and businesses grow. We treat our clients like teammates. Once you start working with us, you are already considered part of the bunch. 

We are an ecommerce marketing agency with experience helping brands sell more units online. We work with some awesome clients who are creating products that are enriching the lives of their customers every day. We’re proud to be a part of their story and would love to hear yours.

What are you waiting for? Give us a call and let’s get to work!

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