Your Amazon Listing. Predictable Growth.

If you do your Amazon marketing by yourself, you’re losing money.

Whether it’s un-optimized keywords, inefficient ads, or account mismanagement,
your product listings aren’t living up to their potential.

50-Pound Boson can help! Our team can build and manage your Amazon business
using proven growth strategies.

We develop custom Amazon optimization, marketing, and ad management
based on your products’ unique selling points.

Together, let’s win more sales.

Amazon Strategy

Having an advanced Amazon strategy is the key to winning more sales. With our Amazon-selling experts, you can plan every move in advance. By using a deliberate mixture of advertising and organic growth, you can supercharge your campaign without wasting money.

A good Amazon selling strategy requires foresight, research, and know-how. When you do it alone, you’re spending your money on learning how the platform works. Instead of going the slow-route, do what the top sellers are doing: working with marketing experts to increase their sales.

Let our experienced team grow your product sales. Whether you’re a new account or have been selling on Amazon for years, our team can help you navigate Seller Central and gain more sales.

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Amazon Competitor Research

Know your competition. 50-Pound Boson helps you assess the selling landscape on Amazon — so you can make informed decisions.

On Amazon, the market is packed. Almost every niche you could think of is totally saturated. Avoid falling prey to your competitors by getting in-depth analyses of their strategies and strengths.  

Benefit from competitor keyword rankings, best-selling ranking changes, seller ratings and reviews, product descriptions, and more. Uncover your competitors’ weak points and go in for the kill.

Amazon Account Management

You have better things to do that watch market changes, anticipate product launches, and edit your keywords to maximize growth. That’s where we come in. We take care of your Amazon account, so you have time to do what really matters.

Leave your Amazon account to us! With plenty of experience in working with eCommerce stores, you can trust us to make the best decisions for your business.

Amazon account management

Analytics & Analysis

Your data is valuable — but if you’re not using it, you’re missing out. It takes a lot of time and energy to sift through the data your campaigns generate.

50-Pound Boson studies sales, keywords, and search frequency to help you make better decisions. From Amazon PPC ads to your product title, we have the data to point you in the right direction.

Contact 50-Pound Boson for a free consultation about your business goals. We’ll also address driving traffic from other sources.

Yes! 50-Pound Boson can do everything from create the ads, to optimize them, to write the copy. We would love to run ads that bring you money — without having to worry about them.

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