Google is the biggest search engine in the world, with over 2 trillion Google searches a year. 97% of customers use Google to get information on products and make purchasing decisions. You can harness these searches to drive more traffic to your website using Google ads.

Our marketing experts can help you maximize the use of your Pay Per Click dollars by managing your Google Ad Account!

Let our team optimize, tweak, and select the best keywords for your ad campaign. Whether you want search ads, Google Maps ads, or Google Shopping with remarketing, 50-Pound Boson helps you make the most of your PPC budget.

Google Shopping Ads

Google Shopping Ads make your product appear directly whenever someone searches a keyword. These ads can lead directly to consumers making a purchasing decision. Our experts help optimize these paid ads as well as your product landing page, to maximize the use of your ad spending.

Data Feed Setup and Integration

The best marketing is the most informed. Our team will set up your data feed and integrate it with other applications to help you track, modify, and understand every part of your Google ads campaign. Using our tools, we hone in on underperforming keywords, maximize spending on keywords that work, and bring in more sales.

Google Search Ads

Become an authority in your field with Google search ads! After analyzing your goals and optimizing your content, strategically-placed search ads can help drive customers and clients your way by convincing them that you have all the answers. Our expert team assists you in landing page creation and Google ad integration for powerful results.

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Google Display Network

Give your ads a wider audience. Display advertisement networks can negatively impact your business by being expensive, but by making informed, selective decisions, you can drive awareness and improve your business’s bottom line.

Google Remarketing Ads

Create ads that follow your customers, wherever they go! By making use of cookies in advertising, remarketing ads can help improve brand awareness, increase brand exposure, and drive more sales by targeting customers that are already interested in your product — at a lower cost to you.

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Contact 50-Pound Boson for a free consultation about your business goals. We’ll also address driving traffic from other sources.

Yes! 50-Pound Boson can do everything from create the ads, to optimize them, to write the copy. We would love to run ads that bring you money — without having to worry about them.

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50-Pound Boson helps eCommerce stores like yours grow their bottom line using customized marketing strategies. We optimize your campaign to drive more sales.

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