Have you ever wondered why some eCommerce stores gain thousands of sales from Facebook ads — while others hear nothing but crickets?

There’s more to a good Facebook ad than a picture and some text. The world of Facebook ads can be complicated and complex, but the payoff from an amazing ad campaign is real.

After all, Facebook has over a billion users. With the right ads, you can dramatically increase your eCommerce sales.

Powerful Targeting + Optimization

Facebook’s marketing tools allow you to harness insights about your audience, from age and gender, to interests and job.

By working with 50-Pound Boson, we help you sift through your potential audience to find your target market. But the research doesn’t stop there. We also help you pinpoint your audience’s location, purchase readiness, hobbies, and more

50-Pound Boson can also help you optimize your copy, the pictures you use in your ad, and your frequency and spending. Together, we can make your ads much more effective.

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Proven Marketing Strategies

Are you throwing random ads on your Facebook page?

50-Pound Boson can help you craft a rich, compelling marketing campaign that’s laser-focused, drives more sales — and stops you from wasting more money.

Our team crafts ads based on your customer’s journey.

  • AttentionThese ads bring attention and awareness to your brand or product. They’re the first step in the consumer marketing journey, generating increased awareness of your business.
  • InterestThese ads make your prospective customers curious, interested, and intrigued by your brand or product. By heightening interest, your customer begins considering purchasing from you and exploring what you offer.
  • Desire: Your customer now thinks about your product frequently. They may even imagine life with it. At this phase, they’re committed to purchasing your product, but need one more push.
  • Action: In this phase, your advertisement drives the sale directly. It doesn’t seem pushy because the customer has already made the decision to purchase from you. You’re happy, your customer’s happy, and your bottom-line improves.

Contact 50-Pound Boson for a free consultation about your business goals. We’ll also address driving traffic from other sources.

Yes! 50-Pound Boson can do everything from create the ads, to optimize them, to write the copy. We would love to run ads that bring you money — without having to worry about them.

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