Your customers want a beautiful, personalized buying journey.

Are you giving them what they want?

Gain more loyal customers and raving fans with 50-Pound Boson. Our marketing agency is experienced in managing eCommerce stores on Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, and other platforms.

Our experienced team will conceptualize, design, and execute your ideal eCommerce store, bringing your vision to life.

Build Your Dream Site

There’s more to building a successful ecommerce site than uploading pictures to a Shopify. The best online shopping experiences offer unique, customized customer journeys. Personalization should be your hallmark.  

Stand out from competitors with a custom ecommerce website of your own! Go beyond templates and themes. By designing a one-of-a-kind website that shows off your products, you’re signaling to your customers that you’re not just another store.

Tell us what your goals are, and our team of designers and writers will create the eCommerce site you’ve always wanted. We ensure that the customer’s journey works from start to finish, from product listings to check out.

Showcase your products beautifully

It’s hard to maintain a solid brand identity across many different platforms. By using best practices, 50-pound Boson can help you flaunt what makes your products unique. The perfect logo, photography, color scheme, and copywriting voice help your customers follow your brand across every outlet.

With our brand-design, you can leverage your brand across all social medias as well as your website. No matter what industry you’re in, our user experience specialists help put the spotlight on your unique products.

Rank in SEO

…and attract traffic. The most beautiful sites don’t do anything without visitors. Our consultants will help you set and achieve realistic goals, grow your online presence, and begin making sales.

Good SEO starts with solid product descriptions. Then, it continues with on-site optimization, ranging from alt-text to the title and heading tags.

With our help in SEO, your site can climb to the front page and stay strong, paying dividends for years to come.

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Convert Visitors

It takes more than beautiful pictures to convert your traffic into purchases. 50-pound Boson knows the right digital mix to move your traffic from passive visitor to active purchaser.

Turn your traffic into loyal, raving customers. Using psychology, plug-ins, and the best of modern marketing, we’ll drive more sales from your traffic. We create an experience that feels urgent, and encourages your visitors to buy.

Contact 50-Pound Boson for a free consultation about your business goals! We’d be happy to hear your dream for your eCommerce store.  

Yes! 50-Pound Boson can do everything from create the ads, to optimize them, to write the copy. We would love to run ads that bring you money — without having to worry about them.

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